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(movie, 2018)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Drama
(movie, 2004)
···The Lion King 1½
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
(movie, 1993)
···Super Mario Bros.
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
(movie, 1999)
···Anna and the King
Genre: Drama, History, Romance
(movie, 2018)
···The Princess Switch
Genre: Romance
(movie, 2007)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Family
(movie, 2001)
···The Princess Diaries
Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance
(movie, 2015)
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Family, Drama
(movie, 2007)
Genre: Adventure, Action, Animation
(movie, 1998)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
(movie, 2018)
···A Christmas in Royal Fashion
Genre: Drama, Romance
(series, 2011)
8.9Game of Thrones
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
(movie, 2000)
···DragonHeart: A New Beginning
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Genre: Comedy, Romance
(movie, 2011)
···A Princess for Christmas
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
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