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(movie, 2018)
···The Equalizer 2
Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime
(movie, 2004)
7.5The Day After Tomorrow
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller
(movie, 2010)
···Shutter Island
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
(movie, 2018)
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Adventure
(movie, 2018)
···The Hurricane Heist
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
(movie, 2018)
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
(movie, 2013)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
(movie, 2012)
···Beasts of the Southern Wild
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
(movie, 1948)
···Key Largo
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
(movie, 2013)
Genre: Horror
(movie, 2015)
···The Lighthouse Coast
Genre: Animation, Drama
(movie, 2013)
···500 MPH Storm
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
(movie, 2011)
···Mega Cyclone
Genre: Science Fiction
(movie, 1963)
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family