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Selected tags:  genocide
(movie, 2013)
···The Host
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
(movie, 1996)
7.3Independence Day
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
Genre: Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
(movie, 2017)
···The Promise
Genre: Romance, Drama
(movie, 1985)
···Иди и смотри
Genre: Action, Drama, History, War
(movie, 1984)
···The Killing Fields
Genre: War, Drama, History
(movie, 2000)
···Harrison's Flowers
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
(movie, 2011)
3.5Hobo with a Shotgun
Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
(movie, 2014)
···Children of War
Genre: Drama, History, War
Genre: Drama
(mini-series, 2003)
···Battlestar Galactica
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Action