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(movie, 2002)
Genre: Crime, Drama, War
(movie, 1996)
···The Winner
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller
(movie, 1940)
···The Letter
Genre: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery
(movie, 1932)
···Arsène Lupin
Genre: Mystery, Romance
(movie, 1955)
···The Man Who Loved Redheads
Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance
(movie, 1993)
···Much Ado About Nothing
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
(movie, 1942)
···The Major and the Minor
Genre: Comedy, Romance
(movie, 1957)
···Operation Mad Ball
Genre: Comedy, War
(movie, 1951)
···A Place in the Sun
Genre: Drama, Romance
(movie, 1936)
···The Drag-Net
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery
(movie, 1948)
···The Pirate
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Romance
(movie, 1942)
···Her Cardboard Lover
Genre: Comedy, Romance
(movie, 1942)
···We Were Dancing
Genre: Comedy, Romance
(movie, 1933)
···Storm at Daybreak
Genre: Drama, Romance, War
(movie, 1955)
···The Second Greatest Sex
Genre: Musical, Western