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23 Nov 2001

1 hr 35 min

Comedy, Crime, Thriller

A dentist finds himself a murder suspect after a sexy patient seduces him into prescribing her drugs


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $6M


Michele Weisler (Executive Producer)
Daniel M. Rosenberg (Producer)
Paul Mones (Producer)

Production Companies

Numb Gums Production Inc.


Chelcie Ross (as Mike)
Steve Martin (as Frank Sangster)
Laura Dern (as Jean Noble)
Lynne Thigpen (as Pat)
Polly Noonan (as Sally)
Helena Bonham Carter (as Susan)
JoBe Cerny (as Pharmacist Wayne Ponze)
Elias Koteas (as Harlan Sangster)
Yasen Peyankov (as 'Sunshine Lounge' Bartender)
Scott Caan (as Duane)
Teri Cotruzzola (as Attractive Complaining Patient)
Lucina Paquet (as Mrs. Langston)
Preston Maybank (as Gelding)
Sally Kao (as Chinese Wife)
Quincy Wong (as Chinese Husband)
George Lugg (as Liquor Store Owner)
Tyler Rostenkowski (as Billy)
Tom Milanovich (as 'Blue Sands' Bartender)
Karol Kent (as Detective Lily Pons)
Keith David (as Detective Lunt)
Eddie Bo Smith Jr. (as Motel Security Guard)
Mary Ann Childers (as Anchorwoman)
Rich Komenich (as Detective)
James Chisem (as Harris)
Joseph F. Kosala (as Officer Peter Reilly)
Eric Lane (as Officer Chuck Smith)
Roy Hytower (as Skinny Sheriff)
Kwame Amoaku (as Visiting Room Guard)
Christian Stolte (as Court Guard)
Len Bajenski (as Trooper Jarvis)
Mindy Bell (as Trooper Bunch)
Roderick Peeples (as Storch)
Kevin Bacon (as Actor Lance Phelps)
Ed Cray (as Prisoner)
Christopher Glasgow (as Young Lover Kissing)
Marcello Robinson (as Student)
Dean Teaster (as Sheriff)



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