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The Philly Kid

11 May 2012

1 hr 34 min

Action, Drama

A former NCAA champion wrestler is paroled after 10 years in prison. Now, to save a friend's life, in a series of cage fights he must agree to do the impossible - lose.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $5M


Jason Connery


Christophe Lannic (Associate Producer)
Christopher Milburn (Co-Producer)
Christopher D'Elia (Co-Producer)
Lucy Mukerjee-Brown (Co-Producer)
Gregory M. Walker (Executive Producer)
Steven A. Frankel (Executive Producer)
Stephanie Caleb (Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Associate Producer)
Arnaud Lannic (Associate Producer)
Karri O'Reilly (Producer)
Stacy Frankel (Associate Producer)
Lauren Ito (Producer)
Moshe Diamant (Producer)
Bobby Ranghelov (Executive Producer)
Courtney Solomon (Producer)
Jeffrey Silver (Executive Producer)
Joel Silver (Executive Producer)
Michael Klein (Co-Producer)




Devon Sawa (as Jake)
Wes Chatham (as Dillon)
Sarah Butler (as Amy)
Neal McDonough (as LA Jim)
Lucky Johnson (as Ace)
Chris Browning (as Marks)
Adam Mervis (as Ryan Maygold)
Bernard Hocke (as Lenny)
Ava Bogle (as Allison Kaufman)
Eric Scott Woods (as Spencer)
Michael Jai White (as Arthur Letts · Tina)
Andrew Sensenig (as Larry)
Rich Clementi (as Sanchez)



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