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Bad Company


7 Jun 2002

1 hr 56 min

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller

Two Mismatched Partners. One Messed Up Case!
When a Harvard-educated CIA agent is killed during an operation, the secret agency recruits his twin brother.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $70M


Lary Simpson (Executive Producer)
Mike Stenson (Producer)
Chad Oman (Executive Producer)
Michael Browning (Producer)
Clayton Townsend (Executive Producer)
Gary M. Goodman (Executive Producer)
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer)




Anthony Hopkins (as Officer Oakes)
Peter Stormare (as Adrik Vas)
Gabriel Macht (as Officer Seale)
Kerry Washington (as Julie)
Adoni Maropis (as Jarma · Dragan Henchman)
Garcelle Beauvais (as Nicole)
Matthew Marsh (as Dragan Adjanic)
Dragan Mićanović (as Michelle)
John Slattery (as Roland Yates)
Brooke Smith (as Officer Swanson)
Daniel Sunjata (as Officer Carew)
DeVone Lawson Jr. (as Officer Parish)
Wills Robbins (as Officer McCain)
Marek Vašut (as Andre)
Petr Jákl Jr. (as Darius)
Ammar Daraiseh (as Assassin)
Shea Whigham (as Agent Wells (Uncredited))
Charlie Day (as Stoner (Uncredited))



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