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The Glimmer Man


4 Oct 1996

1 hr 32 min

Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama

Two good cops. One bad situation.
Homicide detectives Jack Cole and Jim Campbell pair up to hunt down a vicious killer in this psychological thriller. Although the two men couldn't be more different -- Cole adheres to Eastern philosophies, while Campbell relies on street smarts -- they must work together to prevent the murderer from striking again. When Cole's ex-wife becomes the latest victim, the detective suspects his past may be haunting him.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $45M


Julius R. Nasso (Producer)
Michael I. Rachmil (Executive Producer)
Steven Seagal (Producer)




Steven Seagal (as Lt. Jack Cole)
Keenen Ivory Wayans (as Det. Jim Campbell)
Bob Gunton (as Frank Deverell)
Brian Cox (as Mr. Smith)
Michelle Johnson (as Jessica Cole)
Johnny Strong (as Johnny Deverell)



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