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Jane Eyre

9 Mar 1997

1 hr 48 min

Drama, Foreign, Romance

Charlotte Bronte's classic novel is filmed yet again. The story of the Yorkshire orphan who becomes a governess to a young French girl and finds love with the brooding lord of the manor is given a standard romantic flare, but sparks do not seem to happen between the two leads in this version.


Status: Released
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Awards: 4 nominations.




Ciarán Hinds (as Edward Rochester)
Deborah Findlay (as Mrs. Reed)
Laura Harling (as Young Jane)
Samantha Morton (as Jane Eyre)
Gemma Jones (as Mrs. Fairfax)
Hermione Gulliford (as Mrs. Fairfax)
David Gant (as Mr. Brocklehurst)
Rupert Penry-Jones (as St John Rivers)



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