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Jack Frost


10 Dec 1998

1 hr 41 min

Comedy, Family, Drama, Fantasy

Jack Frost is getting a second chance to be the world's coolest dad... if he doesn't melt first.
A father, who can't keep his promises, dies in a car accident. One year later, he returns as a snowman, who has the final chance to put things right with his son before he is gone forever.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 nomination.
Budget: $27M


Troy Miller


Mark Canton (Producer)
Irving Azoff (Producer)




Michael Keaton (as Jack Frost)
Kelly Preston (as Gabby Frost)
Mark Addy (as Mac MacArthur)
Joseph Cross (as Charlie Frost)
Henry Rollins (as Sid Gronic)
Mika Boorem (as Natalie)
Andrew Lawrence (as Tuck Gronic)
Eli Marienthal (as Spencer)
Will Rothhaar (as Dennis)
Taylor Handley (as Rory Buck)
Paul F. Tompkins (as Audience Member)
Dweezil Zappa (as John Kaplan)
Jay Johnston (as TV Weatherman)
Googy Gress (as Spencer's Dad)
Wayne Federman (as Policeman Dave)
Trevor Rabin (as Trevor (Lead Guitar))



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