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The Place Beyond the Pines


20 Mar 2013

2 hr 20 min

Drama, Crime

If you ride like lightning you're gonna crash like thunder
A motorcycle stunt rider considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Awards: 3 wins & 18 nominations.
Budget: $15M


Alex Orlovsky (Producer)
Lynette Howell (Producer)
Sidney Kimmel (Producer)
Jamie Patricof (Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)
(Story · Screenplay)


Ryan Gosling (as Luke Glanton)
Bradley Cooper (as Avery Cross)
Eva Mendes (as Romina Gutierrez)
Dane DeHaan (as Jason Kancam)
Emory Cohen (as AJ Cross)
Rose Byrne (as Jennifer Cross)
Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (as Kofi Kancam)
Bruce Greenwood (as Bill Killcullen)
Harris Yulin (as Al Cross)
Ben Mendelsohn (as Robin Van Der Hook)
Ray Liotta (as Peter Deluca)
Robert Clohessy (as Chief Weirzbowski)
Gabe Fazio (as Scott)
Olga Merediz (as Malena Gutierrez)
Kayla Smalls (as Vanessa Kancam)
Greta Seacat (as Cory Gilbeau)
Luca Pierucci (as Doc Crowley)
Craig Van Hook (as Jack)
Brian Smyj (as Officer Jefferson)
Michael Cullen (as Mr. Anthony)
Ephraim Benton (as Benny)
Alex Pulling (as Alex)
Dante Shafer (as Dante)
Leah Bliven (as Leah)
Whitney Hudson (as Whitney)
Breanna Dolen (as Breanna)
Dorothy Rutherford (as Melissa Majack)
Anthony Pizza (as Baby Jason)
Travis Jackson Campbell (as Baby AJ)
Trevor Jackson Campbell (as Baby AJ)
Jennifer Sober (as Public Defender)
Frank J. Falvo (as Pharmacy Clerk)
Hugh T. Farley (as State Senator)



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