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The Killing


20 May 1956

1 hr 25 min

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

...Like No Other Picture Since "Scarface" and "Little Caesar"!
The Killing was Stanley Kubrick’s first film with a professional cast and the first time he achieved public recognition as the unconventional director he’s now known for. The story is of ex-prisoners who plan to set up a racetrack so they can live a life without monetary worries. One of the more exceptional films of the 1950’s.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $320,000


James B. Harris (Producer)




Sterling Hayden (as Johnny Clay)
Coleen Gray (as Fay)
Vince Edwards (as Val Cannon)
Jay C. Flippen (as Marvin Unger)
Elisha Cook, Jr. (as George Peatty)
Marie Windsor (as Sherry Peatty)
Ted de Corsia (as Randy Kennan)
Joe Sawyer (as Mike O'Reilly)
James Edwards (as Track Parking Attendant)
Timothy Carey (as Nikki Arcane)
Joe Turkel (as Tiny)
Jay Adler (as Leo the Loanshark)
Kola Kwariani (as Maurice Oboukhoff)
Tito Vuolo (as Joe Piano - motel manager)
Dorothy Adams (as Mrs. Ruthie O'Reilly)
James Griffith (as Mr. Grimes)



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