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6 Oct 1960

3 hr 17 min

Action, Drama, History, Adventure

They trained him to kill for their pleasure ... but they trained him a little too well
Spartacus is a 1960 American historical drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the novel of the same name by Howard Fast about the historical life of Spartacus and the Third Servile War. The film stars Kirk Douglas as the rebellious slave Spartacus who leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman empire. The film was awarded four Oscars and stands today as one of the greatest classics of the Sword and Sandal genre.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: Won 4 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 11 nominations.
Budget: $12M


James C. Katz (Producer)
Edward Lewis (Producer)
Kirk Douglas (Executive Producer)


(Scenario Writer)


Kirk Douglas (as Spartacus)
Laurence Olivier (as Marcus Licinius Crassus)
Jean Simmons (as Varinia)
Charles Laughton (as Sempronius Gracchus)
Peter Ustinov (as Lentulus Batiatus)
John Gavin (as Julius Caesar)
Nina Foch (as Helena Glabrus)
John Ireland (as Crixus)
Herbert Lom (as Tigranes Levantus)
John Dall (as Marcus Publius Glabrus)
Woody Strode (as Draba)
Harold J. Stone (as David)
Charles McGraw (as Marcellus)
Joanna Barnes (as Claudia Marius)
Peter Brocco (as Ramon)
Robert J. Wilke (as Guard captain)
Nick Dennis (as Dionysius)
John Hoyt (as Caius)
Frederick Worlock (as Laelius)
Tony Curtis (as Antoninus)
Brad Harris (as Gladiator (uncredited))
Gordon Mitchell (as Gladiator (uncredited))
Wally Rose (as Gladiator (uncredited))
Polly Burson (as Slave (uncredited))
Lila Finn (as Slave (uncredited))
Harry Harvey Jr. (as Slave (uncredited))
Wayne Heffley (as Slave Guard (uncredited))
Lars Hensen (as Slave (uncredited))
Shep Houghton (as Slave (uncredited))
Gil Perkins (as Slave Leader (uncredited))
Chuck Roberson (as Slave (uncredited))
Kay Stewart (as Slave (uncredited) · Slave Girl (uncredited))
Chuck Hayward (as Soldier (uncredited))
Robert F. Hoy (as Soldier (uncredited))
George Kennedy (as Rebel Soldier (uncredited))
Buddy Van Horn (as Soldier (uncredited))
Jack Williams (as Soldier (uncredited))
Paul E. Burns (as Fimbria (uncredited))
Dick Crockett (as Guard (uncredited))
John Daheim (as Capua Guard (uncredited))
Carey Loftin (as Guard (uncredited))
Harvey Parry (as Guard (uncredited))
Ted de Corsia (as Legionnaire (uncredited))
Terence De Marney (as Majordomo (uncredited))
Roy Engel (as Roman Businessman (uncredited))
Kenner G. Kemp (as Roman Senator (uncredited))
Scott Seaton (as Roman Senator (uncredited))
Richard Farnsworth (as Salt Mine Slave · Gladiator · Slave General (uncredited))
Robert Fuller (as Extra (uncredited))
Seamon Glass (as Pirate (uncredited))
George Robotham (as Pirate (uncredited))
James Griffith (as Otho (uncredited))
Jack Grinnage (as Petitioner (uncredited))
Loren Janes (as Salt Mine Slave · Gladiator · Slave General (uncredited))
Aron Kincaid (as Crassus' Standard-Bearer (uncredited))
Dayton Lummis (as Symmachus (uncredited))
Bob Morgan (as Galeno (uncredited))
Dale Van Sickel (as Trainer (uncredited))
Carleton Young (as Herald (uncredited))



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