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Le mari de la coiffeuse

3 Oct 1990

1 hr 22 min

Comedy, Drama, Romance

The film begins in a flashback from the titular character, Antoine. We are introduced to his fixation with female hairdressers which began at a young age. The film uses flashbacks throughout and there are frequent parallels drawn with the past. We are unsure what Antoine has done with his life, however we know he has fulfilled his childhood ambition, to marry a haidresser.


Status: Released
Also known as: The Hairdresser's Husband
Country: France
Language: French
Awards: Nominated for 1 BAFTA Film Award. Another 1 win & 7 nominations.


Monique Guerrier (Executive Producer)
Thierry de Ganay (Producer)




Jean Rochefort (as Antoine)
Anna Galiena (as Mathilde)
Roland Bertin (as Antoine's father)
Maurice Chevit (as Ambroise Dupré dit Isidore Agopian)
Philippe Clévenot (as Morvoisieux)
Jacques Mathou (as Julien Gora)
Claude Aufaure (as Gay Costomer)
Albert Delpy (as Donecker)
Henry Hocking (as Antoine - Age 12)
Ticky Holgado (as Morvoisieux Son-in-Law)
Michèle Laroque (as Adopted Child's Mother)
Anne-Marie Pisani (as Madame Shaeffer)
Pierre Meyrand (as Antoine's Brother)
Yveline Ailhaud (as Antoine's Mother)



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