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Der Chinese

A cold day in January 2006. The police make a horrible discovery in the Swedish town of Hudiksvall: In one night, 18 people have been brutally murdered in the small town. The police suspect a madman is behind the bestial act. But when judge Birgitta Roslin hears the news, she instantly knows that her grandparents August and Britta Andrén are among the victims. And even more: Almost everybody killed somehow relates to her. She realizes that the police are following a wrong track and starts to investigate on her own. Her search leads Brigitta to China where she finds out about the cruel scheming of the leading elite.


Status: Released
Also known as: The Chinese Man
Countries: Austria, Germany, Sweden
Language: German
Awards: 2 nominations.


Boris Ausserer (Producer)
Christoph Kanter (Producer)


Suzanne von Borsody (as Judge Birgitta Roslin)
Claudia Michelsen (as Vivi Sundberg)
Franziska Weisz (as Maja)
Michael Nyqvist (as Staffan)
James Taenaka (as Ya Ru)
Ee Ping Hin Derrick (as Liu)
Joachim Bißmeier (as Professor Lund)
Roeland Wiesnekker (as Jan Andrén)
August Schmölzer (as Sture Hermansson)



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