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3 Sep 2009

1 hr 35 min

Action, Thriller, Science Fiction

In the near future, you don't live to play... you'll play to live.
Mind-control technology has taken society by a storm, a multiplayer on-line game called "Slayers" allows players to control human prisoners in mass-scale. Simon (Lerman) controls Kable (Butler), the online champion of the game. Kable's ultimate challenge becomes regaining his identity and independence by defeating the game's mastermind (Hall).


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win.
Budget: $50M


Gary Lucchesi (Producer)
Richard S. Wright (Producer)
Skip Williamson (Producer)
Tom Rosenberg (Producer)




Gerard Butler (as Kable)
Michael C. Hall (as Ken Castle)
Logan Lerman (as Simon)
Amber Valletta (as Angie)
Terry Crews (as Hackman)
Kyra Sedgwick (as Gina Parker Smith)
Ludacris (as Humanez Brother)
Alison Lohman (as Trace)
Milo Ventimiglia (as Rick Rape)
Aaron Yoo (as Humanez Dude)
John Leguizamo (as Freek)
Johnny Whitworth (as Scotch)
Zoë Bell (as Sandra)
Ashley Rickards (as 2Katchapredator)
Brighid Fleming (as Delia)
Maggie Lawson (as Female News Host #1)
Nikita Ramsey (as Kumdumpsta #1)
Jade Ramsey (as Kumdumpsta #2)
Mimi Michaels (as Stikkimuffin)
Sadie Alexandru (as Society Victim)



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