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Grosse Pointe Blank


11 Apr 1997

1 hr 47 min

Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance

Even a hit man deserves a second shot.
Martin Blank is a freelance hitman who starts to develop a conscience, which causes him to muff a couple of routine assignments. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he attends his 10th year High School reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 2 wins & 6 nominations.


Susan Arnold (Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)


John Cusack (as Martin Q. Blank)
Minnie Driver (as Debi Newberry)
Dan Aykroyd (as Grocer)
Joan Cusack (as Marcella)
Alan Arkin (as Dr. Oatman)
Hank Azaria (as Steven Lardner)
K. Todd Freeman (as Kenneth McCullers)
Jeremy Piven (as Paul Spericki)
Mitchell Ryan (as Mr. Bart Newberry (as Mitchell Ryan))
Michael Cudlitz (as Bob Destepello)
Steve Pink (as Terry Rostand)



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