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Enemy at the Gates


14 Mar 2001

2 hr 11 min

War, History, Romance, Drama

Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes.
Enemy at the Gates is a war film from Jean-Jacques Annaud from 2001 that takes place during the battle of Stalingard in World War II between the Russians and the Germans.


Status: Released
Countries: Ireland, USA, Germany, United Kingdom
Languages: German, English, Russian
Awards: 3 nominations.
Budget: $68M


Alisa Tager (Executive Producer)
Alain Godard (Executive Producer)
Roland Pellegrino (Executive Producer)
John D. Schofield (Producer)
Jean-Jacques Annaud (Producer)
Jörg Reichl (Executive Producer)




Jude Law (as Vassili Zaitsev)
Rachel Weisz (as Tania Chernova)
Ed Harris (as Major König)
Joseph Fiennes (as Commisar Danilov)
Bob Hoskins (as Nikita Khrushchev)
Ron Perlman (as Koulikov)
Eva Mattes (as Mother Filipov)
Gabriel Thomson (as Sacha Filipov)
Matthias Habich (as General Paulus)
Alexander Schwan (as Young Vassili Zaitsev)
Lenn Kudrjawizki (as Comrade in Train)
Gennadi Vengerov (as Russian NCO)
Dan van Husen (as Political Officer)
Ivan Shvedoff (as Volodya)
Sophie Rois (as Ludmilla)
Mikhail Matveev (as Grandfather)
Hans Martin Stier (as Red Army General)
Clemens Schick (as German NCO)
Hendrik Arnst (as Fat Colonel)
Jim Dowdall (as Stubborn Feldwebel)
Maxim Kovalevski (as Politruk · Sniper)
Markus Majowski (as Stammering Officer)
Robert Stadlober (as Spotter)
Gotthard Lange (as Corpse Robber)
Anna Böttcher (as Female Russian Typist)
Holger Handtke (as Paulus' Aide de Camp)
Mark Zak (as Russian Captain at Headquarters)
Thomas Petruo (as Russian Lieutenant)
Tom Wlaschiha (as Soldier)
Werner Daehn (as Politruk)
Birol Ünel (as Politruk)
André Kaminski (as Russian Trench Officer)
Michael Schenk (as Russian Officer)
Manfred Witt (as Russian NCO)
Axel Neumann (as Gaunt German Prisoner)
Valentin Platareanu (as General Schmidt (uncredited))



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