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Step Up


11 Aug 2006

1 hr 44 min

Music, Drama, Romance, Crime

Every Second Chance Begins With a First Step
Everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams, but some people only get one shot. Tyler Gage is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore¹s tracks and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore¹s ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win & 3 nominations.
Budget: $12M


Anne Fletcher


Adam Shankman (Producer)
Jennifer Gibgot (Producer)
Erik Feig (Producer)
Patrick Wachsberger (Producer)
David Garrett (Executive Producer)
Bob Hayward (Executive Producer)
John H. Starke (Executive Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)


Channing Tatum (as Tyler Gage)
Jenna Dewan (as Nora Clark)
Damaine Radcliff (as Mac Carter)
De'Shawn Washington (as Skinny Carter)
Mario (as Miles Darby)
Drew Sidora (as Lucy Avila)
Rachel Griffiths (as Director Gordon)
Josh Henderson (as Brett Dolan)
Tim Lacatena (as Andrew)
Alyson Stoner (as Camille)
Heavy D (as Omar)
Deirdre Lovejoy (as Nora's Mom · Katherine Clark)
Jane Beard (as Lena Freeman)
Richard Pelzman (as Bill Freeman)
Carlyncia S. Peck (as Mac's Mother)
Ryan Sands (as History Teacher)
DeLon Howell (as PJ)
Dominique Boyd (as Omar Party Girl Yvette)
Reina Poindexter (as Omar Party Girl #2)
Angelica Huesca (as Omar Party Girl #3)
Frank Ferrara (as Security Guard)
Frank Herzog (as Judge Milton)
Anne Fletcher (as Ms. Stephanie)
Natalie Steinberg (as Little Girl Ballerina)
Jamie Scott (as Colin)
Isaiah Washington (as Malcolm)
Jiehae Park (as Stagehand)
Sheila Cutchlow (as Scout #1)
John Leslie Wolfe (as Scout #2)
Karim Fawzy (as Oamr Partier)
Tom Quinn (as Music Teacher)
Shiloh Monaco (as Piano Player)
Caitlin Kinney (as Ballerina)
Jeanne (as Girl Singer #1 · Lucy Back Up Singer #1)
Jeannie Ortega (as Girl Singer #3)
Donald Rheubottom (as Court Room Sheriff)
Donald Waugh (as Fruit Vendor)
Michael Seresin (as Custodian)
Spencer Longmore (as Omar's Chop Shop Guy)
Adrienne Canterna (as Ballet Dancer)
Oscar Campisi (as Ballet Dancer)
Tara Ghassemieh (as Ballet Dancer)
Nikkia Parish (as Ballet Dancer)
Ryan Rankine (as Ballet Dancer)
Emily Bicks (as Dance Class Dancer)
Whitney Brown (as Dance Class Dancer)
Ashley Canterna (as Dance Class Dancer)
Sara Cato (as Dance Class Dancer)
Caitlin Gold (as Dance Class Dancer)
Stephanie Jingle (as Dance Class Dancer)
Rebecca Mejia (as Dance Class Dancer)
Anthony Carr (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Laura Edwards (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Samantha Frampton (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Antonio Hudnell (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Julie Nelson (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Samantha Zweben (as Nora's Finale Dancer)
Shawn Michelle Cosby (as Nightclub Dancer)
Melissa Emrico (as Nightclub Dancer)
Sabrina Furr (as Nightclub Dancer)
George Hubela (as Nightclub Dancer)
Jameson Perry (as Nightclub Dancer)
Ashley Phipps (as Nightclub Dancer)
Denise Piane (as Nightclub Dancer)
Sarah Satow (as Nightclub Dancer)
Jamal Sims (as Nightclub Dancer)
Adam Shankman (as Nightclub Dancer)
Zachary Woodlee (as Nightclub Dancer)
John Alix (as Audition Dancer)
Kellie Corbett (as Hip Hop Dancer)
Lance Guillermo (as Hip Hop Dancer)
Kirk Jennings (as Hip Hop Dancer)
Monica Warr (as Hip Hop Dancer)
Joanna Becker (as Dancer)
Ted Borodaeff (as Dancer)
Matthew Bowerman (as Dancer)
Jeremy Bustin (as Dance Student)
Jen Carden (as Customer)
Eddy Challita (as Nightclub Dancer)
Jordan Michael Coulson (as Student)
Devraj Dasgupta (as Art Student)
Bruce Allen Dawson (as Funeral Mourner)
Tony Devon (as Defense Attorney)
Pamela Fischer (as Receptionist)
Alan Gates (as Bartender)
Stephanie Ray Glass (as Ballet Dancer)
Jamie Marie Hannigan (as Dancer)
Matt Hartman (as Teacher)
Katherine Hoskins Mackey (as Talent Scout)
Melvin Jackson Jr. (as PJ's Boy)
Kawan Kean (as Music Student)
Nicole Catrice Keller (as MSA Student · Ballet Dancer)
Jonathan Langley (as Dancer)
Tia Latrell (as Dancer)
Chris K. Layman (as Stage Manager)
Jed Lunario (as House Party Patron)
James P. Morrow (as Parent)
Sandra Lynn O'Brien (as Parent)
Chris O'Brocki (as Music Student)
Elizabeth O'Callaghan (as Pedestrian)
Mina Pahlevan (as Club Patron)
Emily Peachey (as Student)
Jennifer Rouse (as Nightclub Dancer)
Natasha Sattler (as Concert Usher)
Noah Schaftel (as Nightclub Dancer)
Leo Christopher Sheridan (as Dancer)
Kacie Smith (as Dancer)
Thomas W. Stewart (as Nightclub Dancer)
JB Tadena (as MSA Student)
Towanda Underdue (as Hip Hop Dancer · Omar Party Dancer)
Shaunté Usual (as Dancer)
Jay Viera (as Nightclub Dancer)
Torell Vinson (as Band Student)
Raquel Yasmin (as Ballet Student)



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