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19 Jun 2003

2 hr 18 min

Drama, Action, Science Fiction

Unleash the hero within
Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Awards: 2 wins & 10 nominations.
Budget: $137M


James Schamus (Producer)
Gale Anne Hurd (Producer)
Kevin Feige (Executive Producer)
Larry J. Franco (Producer)
David Womark (Associate Producer)
Cheryl A. Tkach (Associate Producer)
Avi Arad (Producer)
Stan Lee (Executive Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)


Eric Bana (as Bruce Banner · The Hulk)
Jennifer Connelly (as Betty Ross)
Sam Elliott (as Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross)
Josh Lucas (as Glenn Talbot)
Nick Nolte (as The Father)
Paul Kersey (as Young David Banner)
Cara Buono (as Edith Banner)
Stan Lee (as Security Guard)
Todd Tesen (as Young Ross)
Celia Weston (as Mrs. Krensler)
Mike Erwin (as Teenage Bruce Banner)
Lou Ferrigno (as Security Guard)
Regi Davis (as Security Guard)
Craig Damon (as Security Guard)
Daniel Dae Kim (as Aide)
Jesse Corti (as Colonel)
Kevin Rankin (as Harper)



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