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26 Oct 1984

2 hr 40 min

Drama, History, Music

...Everything you've heard is true
This marvelous film portrays the rivalry between the genius Mozart (Tom Hulce) and the jealous court composer (F. Murray Abraham in his Oscar-winning role) who may have ruined Mozart's career and shortened his life.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, German, Italian, Latin
Awards: Won 8 Oscars. Another 33 wins & 14 nominations.
Budget: $18M


Saul Zaentz (Producer)
Bertil Ohlsson (Executive Producer)
Michael Hausman (Executive Producer)


(Theatre Play · Screenplay)

Production Companies

Warner Bros. Pictures


F. Murray Abraham (as Antonio Salieri)
Tom Hulce (as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Elizabeth Berridge (as Constanze Mozart)
Roy Dotrice (as Leopold Mozart)
Simon Callow (as Emanuel Schikaneder)
Christine Ebersole (as Katerina Cavalieri)
Jeffrey Jones (as Emperor Joseph II)
Barbara Bryne (as Mrs. Weber)
Cynthia Nixon (as Lorl)
Douglas Seale (as Count Arco)
Charles Kay (as Count Orsini-Rosenberg)
Kenny Baker (as Parody Commendatore)
Martin Cavina (as Young Salieri)
Roderick Cook (as Count Von Strack)
Milan Demjanenko (as Karl Mozart)
Peter DiGesu (as Francesco Salieri)
Patrick Hines (as Kappelmeister Bonno)
Nicholas Kepros (as Archbishop Colloredo)
Philip Lenkowsky (as Salieri's Servant)
Lisbeth Bartlett (as Papagena)
Richard Frank (as Father Vogler)
Herman Meckler (as Priest)
Jonathan Moore (as Baron Van Swieten)
Brian Pettifer (as Hospital Attendant)
Vincent Schiavelli (as Salieri's Valet)
John Strauss (as Conductor)
Karl-Heinz Teuber (as Wig Salesman)
Miro Grisa (as Figaro in 'The Marriage of Figaro')
Karel Gult (as Count Almaviva in 'The Marriage of Figaro')
Ladislav Krečmer (as Antonio in 'The Marriage of Figaro')
Karel Fiala (as Don Giovanni in 'Don Giovanni')
John Carrafa (as Dancer)
Hana Brejchová (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Miriam Chytilová (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Karel Effa (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
René Gabzdyl (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Karel Hábl (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Jiří Krytinář (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Jan Kuželka (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Jiří Lír (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Jitka Molavcová (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Pavel Nový (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Jan Pohan (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Therese Herz (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Ivan Pokorný (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Milan Riehs (as Czechoslovakian Actor)
Dana Vávrová (as Czechoslovakian Actor)



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