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Reservation Road

13 Sep 2007

1 hr 42 min

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Two fathers' lives intersect when one of them is involved in a terrible and sudden hit-and-run car accident that leaves the other's son dead. In response, the two men (Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo) react in unexpected ways as a reckoning looms in the near future.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations.


Terry George


Dean M. Leavitt (Executive Producer)
A. Kitman Ho (Producer)
Nick Wechsler (Producer)
Gina Resnick (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Novel)


Joaquin Phoenix (as Ethan Learner)
Jennifer Connelly (as Grace Learner)
Elle Fanning (as Emma Learner)
Sean Curley (as Josh Learner)
Mark Ruffalo (as Dwight Arno)
Mira Sorvino (as Ruth Wheldon)
Gary Kohn (as Norris Wheldon)
Eddie Alderson (as Lucas Arno)
Cordell Clyde (as Jimmy McBride)
Antoni Corone (as Sergeant Burke)
John Slattery (as Steve)
Nora Ferrari (as Nora)
Linda Dano (as GroƟmutter)



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