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Crimson Tide


12 May 1995

1 hr 56 min

Action, Drama, Thriller

Danger runs deep.
On a US nuclear missile sub, a young first officer stages a mutiny to prevent his trigger happy captain from launching his missiles before confirming his orders to do so.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars. Another 5 wins & 6 nominations.
Budget: $55M


Tony Scott


Don Simpson (Producer)
Jerry Bruckheimer (Producer)


(Story · Screenplay)


Gene Hackman (as Captain Frank Ramsey)
Denzel Washington (as Lt. Commander Ron Hunter)
Viggo Mortensen (as Lt. Peter 'WEAPS' Ince)
James Gandolfini (as Lt. Bobby Dougherty)
Matt Craven (as Lt. Roy Zimmer, USS Alabama Communications Officer)
George Dzundza (as Chief of the Boat)
Rocky Carroll (as Lt. Darik Westergaurd)
Jaime Gomez (as Officer of the Deck Mahoney)
Michael Milhoan (as Chief of the Watch Hunsicker)
Scott Burkholder (as T.S.O. Billy Linkletter)
Danny Nucci (as Petty Officer First Class Danny Rivetti)
Lillo Brancato (as Petty Officer Third Class Russell Vossler)
Eric Bruskotter (as Bennefield)
Ricky Schroder (as Lt. Paul Hellerman)
Steve Zahn (as William Barnes)
Marcello Thedford (as Lawson)



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