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What Women Want

15 Dec 2000

2 hr 7 min

Comedy, Romance

He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally... a man is listening.
Advertising executive Nick Marshall is as cocky as they come, but what happens to a chauvinistic guy when he can suddenly hear what women are thinking? Nick gets passed over for a promotion, but after an accident enables him to hear women's thoughts, he puts his newfound talent to work against Darcy, his new boss, who seems to be infatuated with him.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, French
Awards: Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 5 wins & 7 nominations.
Budget: $70M


Matt Williams (Producer)
Nancy Meyers (Producer)
Bruce Davey (Producer)
Stephen McEveety (Executive Producer)
Bruce A. Block (Co-Producer)
Gina Matthews (Producer)
Susan Cartsonis (Producer)
Carmen Finestra (Executive Producer)
David McFadzean (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)
(Screenplay · Story)


Mel Gibson (as Nick Marshall)
Helen Hunt (as Darcy McGuire)
Marisa Tomei (as Lola)
Alan Alda (as Dan Wanamaker)
Lauren Holly (as Gigi)
Mark Feuerstein (as Morgan Farwell)
Ashley Johnson (as Alexandra Marshall)
Delta Burke (as Eve)
Diana Maria Riva (as Stella)
Eric Balfour (as Cameron)
Judy Greer (as Erin)
Sarah Paulson (as Annie)
Logan Lerman (as Young Nick Marshall)
Lisa Edelstein (as Dina)
Robin Pearson Rose (as Kitchen Secretary)
Christopher Emerson (as Mail Room Kid)
Ashlee Turner (as Woman in Library)
Sierra Pecheur (as Woman at Lunch Counter)
Valerie Perrine (as Margo)
Ana Gasteyer (as Sue Cranston)
Loretta Devine (as Flo the Doorwoman)
Andrea Baker (as Office Intern)
Joe Petcka (as Man on Street)
Brian Callaway (as Man on Street)
Coburn Goss (as Man on Street)
Perry Cavitt (as Ogling Man)
Crystal McKinney (as Unimpressed Woman)
Jeanne Marie Rice (as Unimpressed Woman)
Kathrin Middleton (as Gigi's Friend)
Kelly Cooper (as Showgirl)
Palmer Davis (as Showgirl)
Katie Miller (as Showgirl)
Dana Waters (as Nick's Mom)
Gregory Cupoli (as Male Role Model)
Alexondra Lee (as Woman in Pink Sweater)
Aviva Gale (as Counter Girl)
Shirley Prestia (as Coffee Shop Customer)
T. J. Thyne (as Coffee Shop Customer)
Audrey Wasilewski (as Secretary with Danish · Kitchen Secretary)
Angela Oh (as Jess, Dan's Secretary)
Robert Briscoe Evans (as Ted)
Chris Rolfes (as Woman in Park)
Katie Kneeland (as Woman in Park)
Jeanine O'Connell (as Woman in Park)
Kelley Hazen (as Woman in Park)
Brooke Elliott (as Woman in Park)
Kristina Martin (as Woman in Park)
Harmony Rousseau (as Sloane · Curtis Receptionist)
Lisa Long (as Sloane · Curtis Executive)
Heidi Helmer (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Marla Martensen (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Sally Meyers Kovler (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Ashley Quirico (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Regan Rohde (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Liz Tannebaum (as Marshall Field's Shopper)
Cristine Rose (as Sloane · Curtis Attorney)
Arden Myrin (as Darcy's Assistant)
Rachel Duncan (as Alex's Friend)
Alex McKenna (as Alex's Friend)
Regiane Gorski (as Yoga Instructor)
Juliandra Gillen (as Woman in Library)
Lisa Anne Hillman (as Woman in Library)
Tracy Pacheco (as Woman in Library)
Jamie Gutterman (as Jogger by Lake)
Maggie Egan (as Kitchen Secretary)
Juanita Jennings (as Kitchen Secretary)
Hallie Meyers-Shyer (as Girl at Lunch Counter)
Kate Asner (as Woman at Lunch Counter)
Caryn Greenhut (as Woman at Lunch Counter)
Jennifer Greenhut (as Woman at Lunch Counter)
Marnie Mosiman (as Woman at Lunch Counter)
Nnenna Freelon (as Nightclub Singer)
Gil Hacohen (as Haim)
Nancy Monsarat (as Nike Executive)
Jacqueline Thomas (as Nike Executive)
Rory Byrne (as Nike Executive)
Victoria Garcia-Kelleher (as Secretary)
Gertrude Wong (as Old Woman in Chinatown)
Andi Eystad (as Girl at Prom)
Greg Bronson (as Upscale Pedestrian (uncredited))
Elizabeth Friedman (as Classmate (uncredited))
Melanie Good (as Showgirl (uncredited))
Drew Howerton (as Boy at Prom (uncredited))
Bette Midler (as Dr. J. M. Perkins (uncredited))
Andy Schofield (as Man in Park · Man in Park (uncredited))
Dean Teaster (as Taxi Driver (uncredited))
Gena Vazquez (as Marshall Field's Shopper (uncredited))



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