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Body Bags


7 Aug 1993

1 hr 34 min


Zip yourself in tight!
Three tales are told, each one increasingly terrifying. The first tells the story of a woman being stalked by an axe-weilding maniac. The second is the story of a man who pays the ultimate price for a beautiful head of hair. The final tale shows what it is like to see life through the eyes of a killer.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: German, English
Awards: 4 nominations.


Sandy King (Producer · Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Showtime Networks


John Carpenter (as The Coroner)
Robert Carradine (as Bill)
Alex Datcher (as Anne)
David Naughton (as Pete)
Stacy Keach (as Richard Coberts)
David Warner (as Dr. Lock)
Sheena Easton (as Megan)
Mark Hamill (as Brent Matthews)
Twiggy (as Cathy Matthews)
John Agar (as Dr. Lang)
Tom Arnold (as Morgue Worker #1)
Tobe Hooper (as Morgue Worker #2)
Peter Jason (as Gent)
Molly Cheek (as Divorcee)
Wes Craven (as Pasty Faced Man)
Sam Raimi (as Dead Bill)
George Buck Flower (as Stranger)
Lucy Boryer (as Peggy)
Roger Rooks (as TV Anchorman)
Dan Blom (as Dennis)
Attila (as Man with Beautiful Hair)
Kim Alexis (as Woman with Beautiful Hair)
Gregory Nicotero (as Man with Dog)
Debbie Harry (as The Nurse)
Charles Napier (as Baseball Team Manager)
Eddie Velez (as Baseball Player)
Betty Muramoto (as Librarian)
Bebe Drake (as Nurse)
Sean McClory (as Minister)
Robert Lewis Bush (as Man)
Gregory Alpert (as Technician)
Martine LeBlanc (as Zombie Cathy)
Roger Corman (as Dr. Bregman)



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