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We Don't Live Here Anymore


20 Jan 2004

1 hr 41 min

Drama, Romance

Why do we want what we can't have?
Married couple Jack and Terry Linden are experiencing a difficult period in their relationship. When Jack decides to step outside the marriage, he becomes involved with Edith, who happens to be the wife of his best friend and colleague, Hank Evans. Learning of their partners' infidelity, Terry and Hank engage in their own extramarital affair together. Now, both marriages and friendships are on the brink of collapse.


Status: Released
Countries: Canada, USA
Language: English
Awards: 3 wins & 3 nominations.
Budget: $3M


John Curran


Mark Ruffalo (Executive Producer)




Mark Ruffalo (as Jack Linden)
Laura Dern (as Terry Linden)
Peter Krause (as Hank Evans)
Naomi Watts (as Edith Evans)
Sam Charles (as Sean Linden)
Haili Page (as Natasha Linden)
Jennifer Bishop (as Sharon Evans)
Jennifer Mawhinney (as Audrey)
Amber Rothwell (as Lauren)
Meg Roe (as Lollipop Girl)
Jim Francis (as Joe Ritchie)
Marc Baur (as Plumber)
Patrick Earley (as Jim)
Ginger Broatch (as Natasha Linden)