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The Money Pit


15 Mar 1986

1 hr 31 min

Comedy, Romance

For everyone who's ever been deeply in Love or deeply in debt.
After being evicted from their Manhattan apartment, a couple buy what looks like the home of their dreams - only to find themselves saddled with a bank-account-draining nightmare. Struggling to keep their relationship together as their rambling mansion falls to pieces around them, the two watch in hilarious horror as everything - including the kitchen sink, disppears into the Money Pit.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $10M


Kathleen Kennedy (Producer)
David Giler (Executive Producer)
Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer)
Frank Marshall (Producer)
Art Levinson (Producer)




Tom Hanks (as Walter Fielding, Jr.)
Shelley Long (as Anna Crowley Beissart)
Alexander Godunov (as Max Beissart)
Maureen Stapleton (as Estelle)
Joe Mantegna (as Art Shirk)
Leslie West (as Lana)
Philip Bosco (as Curly)
Josh Mostel (as Jack Schnittman)
Yakov Smirnoff (as Shatov)
Carmine Caridi (as Brad Shirk)
Brian Backer (as Ethan)
Billy Lombardo (as Benny)
John van Dreelen (as Carlos)
Douglass Watson (as Walter Fielding, Sr.)
Lucille Dobrin (as Macumba Lady)
Mia Dillon (as Marika)
Tetchie Agbayani (as Florinda Fielding)
Wendell Pierce (as Paramedic)
Frankie Faison (as James)
Nestor Serrano (as Julio)
Michael Jeter (as Arnie)
Jake Steinfeld (as Duke)
Scott Turchin (as Mover #1)
Radu Gavor (as Mover #2)
Grisha Dimant (as Mover #3)



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