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Bionicle: Mask of Light


16 Sep 2003

1 hr 10 min

Action, Adventure, Animation, Family

The spirit that protects the islands of Mata Nui is put into a deep sleep, causing the islands to crumble into the ocean, and three islanders must use the Mask of Light to save it.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Danish, English
Awards: 4 wins & 4 nominations.




Andrew Francis (as Jaller (voice))
Michael Dobson (as Toa Kopaka · Hewkii (voice))
Jason Michas (as Takua · Toa Takanuva (voice))
Scott McNeil (as Toa Tahu · Toa Onua · Grallock The Ash Bear (voice))
Lee Tockar (as Makuta · Pewku (voice))
Christopher Gaze (as Turaga Vakama (voice))
Kathleen Barr (as Toa Gali (voice))
Dale Wilson (as Toa Lewa, Turaga Onewa (voice))
Trevor Devall (as Toa Pohatu (voice))
Doc Harris (as Kolhii Announcer (voice))
Lesley Ewen (as Turaga Nokama (voice))



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