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From Paris with Love


4 Feb 2010

1 hr 32 min

Action, Crime, Thriller

Two agents. One city. No merci.
While working at the American embassy in Paris, low-level intelligence agent James Reece gets involved in espionage when he's pulled into a terrorist plot by high-ranking but uncouth American operative Charlie Wax, who's trying to stop it.


Status: Released
Countries: United Kingdom, France
Languages: German, English, French, Chinese
Budget: $52M


Pierre Morel


Anson Downes (Co-Executive Producer)
Virginie Silla (Executive Producer)
India Osborne (Producer)
Linda Favila (Co-Executive Producer)




John Travolta (as Charlie Wax)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as James Reece)
Kasia Smutniak (as Caroline)
Richard Durden (as Ambassador Bennington)
Bing Yin (as M. Wong)
Amber Rose Revah (as Nichole)
Eric Godon (as Foreign Minister)
François Bredon (as The Thug)
Chems Dahmani (as Rashid)
Sami Darr (as The Pimp)
Julien Hagnery (as Chinese Punk)
Mostéfa Stiti (as Dir Yasin)
Rebecca Dayan (as Foreign Minister's Aide)
Michaël Vander-Meiren (as Airport Security Official)
Didier Constant (as Customs Official)
Alexandra Boyd (as Head of Delegation)
Mike Powers (as Embassy Security)
Nick Loren (as Chief of Security)
Farid Elouardi (as Bearded Driver)
Mélissa Mars (as Wax's Hooker)
Yin Hang (as Asian Hooker "German")
David Gasman (as German Tourist · The Voice (voice))
Frédéric Chau (as Chinese Maître'D)
Tam Solo (as Suicidal Pakistani)



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