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17 Aug 2007

1 hr 53 min


Come and Get Some!
High school best buddies are facing separation anxiety as they prepare to go off to college. While attempting to score alcohol for a party with help from their fake ID-toting friend, "McLovin", the guys' evening takes a turn into chaotic territory.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: 10 wins & 24 nominations.
Budget: $20M


Greg Mottola


Judd Apatow (Producer)
Evan Goldberg (Executive Producer)
Shauna Robertson (Producer)
Seth Rogen (Executive Producer)
Dara Weintraub (Co-Producer)




Jonah Hill (as Seth)
Michael Cera (as Evan)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse (as Fogell)
Bill Hader (as Officer Slater)
Seth Rogen (as Officer Michaels)
Martha MacIsaac (as Becca)
Emma Stone (as Jules)
Aviva (as Nicola)
Joe Lo Truglio (as Francis)
Kevin Corrigan (as Mark)
Clement Blake (as Homeless Guy)
Erica Vittina Phillips (as Mindy)
Joe Nunez (as Liquor Store Clerk)
Dave Franco (as Greg (Soccer Player))
Marcella Lentz-Pope (as Gaby)
Scott Gerbacia (as Jesse)
Laura Seay (as Shirley)
Roger Iwami (as Miroki)
Clint Mabry (as Prosthetic Leg Kid)
Stacy Edwards (as Evan's Mom)
Mark Rogen (as Father with Bat)
Charlie Hartsock (as Good Shopper Cashier)
Donna Hardy (as Old Lady)
Charley Rossman (as Good Shopper Security)
Carla Gallo (as Period Blood Girl)
Ben Best (as Quince Danbury)
Jody Hill (as Tut Long John Silver)
Kevin Breznahan (as Patrick Manchester)
David Krumholtz (as Benji Austin)
Mousa Kraish (as Billy Baybridge)
Nicholas Jasenovec (as Coffee Fairmount)
Martin Starr (as James Masselin)
Keith Loneker (as Wild Bill Cherry)
Matthew McKane (as Kane Cloverdale)
Lauren Miller (as Scarlett Brighton)
Peter Salett (as Tiger Greendragon)
Rakefet Abergel (as Muffin Selby)
Brooke Dillman (as Mrs. Hayworth)
Michael Naughton (as Gym Teacher)
Steve Bannos (as Math Teacher)
Casey Margolis (as Young Seth)
Laura Marano (as Young Becca)
Matthew Bass (as Vagtastic Voyager)
Aurora Snow (as Vagtastic Voyage Girl #1)
Jenna Haze (as Vagtastic Voyage Girl #2)
Ted Haigh (as Bartender)
Michael Fennessey (as Bus Driver)
Brian Huskey (as Elementary Principal)
Clark Duke (as Party Teenager #1)
Stephen Borrello IV (as Party Teenager #2)
Naathan Phan (as Party Teenager #3)
Pamella D'Pella (as Teacher)
Danny McBride (as Buddy at Party (uncredited))
Cortney Palm (as Party Guest (uncredited))



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