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12 Nov 1982

2 hr

Horror, Comedy, Fantasy

The Most Fun You'll Ever Have... BEING SCARED!
Inspired by the E.C. comics of the 1950s, George A.Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Italian
Awards: 2 nominations.
Budget: $8M


Richard P. Rubinstein (Producer)
Salah M. Hassanein (Executive Producer)
David E. Vogel (Associate Producer)




Hal Holbrook (as Henry Northrup (segment "The Crate"))
Adrienne Barbeau (as Wilma Northrup (segment "The Crate"))
Fritz Weaver (as Dexter Stanley (segment "The Crate"))
Leslie Nielsen (as Richard Vickers (segment "Something To Tide You Over"))
E.G. Marshall (as Upson Pratt (segment "They're Creeping Up On You"))
Viveca Lindfors (as Aunt Bedelia)
Ed Harris (as Hank Blaine (segment "Father's Day"))
Ted Danson (as Harry Wentworth (segment "Something To Tide You Over"))
Stephen King (as Jordy Verrill (segment "The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill"))
Gaylen Ross (as Becky Vickers)
Jon Lormer (as Nathan Grantham)
Bingo O'Malley (as Jordy's Dad · Cameos)
John Amplas (as Nathan's Corpse)
David Early (as White)
Christine Forrest (as Tabitha Raymond)
Tom Savini (as Garbage Man #2 (segment "Epilogue"))
Tom Atkins (as Stan (uncredited))



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