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Murder at 1600


18 Apr 1997

1 hr 47 min

Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

This address changes all the rules.
D.C. detective Harlan Regis is called to the White House after a young woman is murdered in the White House. Regis realizes this won't be a typical investigation as he keeps running into a brick wall with the Secret Service. He is only able to get the help of Agent Chance. All of this is occurring while a hostage scandal in Korea threatens to destroy the President's term.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Arnold Kopelson (Producer)
Arnon Milchan (Producer)
Michael G. Nathanson (Producer)




Wesley Snipes (as Detective Harlan Regis)
Diane Lane (as Agent Nina Chance)
Alan Alda (as Jordan)
Daniel Benzali (as Agent Nick Spikings)
Ronny Cox (as President Jack Neil)
Tate Donovan (as Kyle Neil)
Harris Yulin (as General Clark Tully)
Nicholas Pryor (as Paul Moran)
Charles Rocket (as Jeffrey)
Nigel Bennett (as Burton Cash)
Diane Baker (as Kitty Neil)
Tamara Gorski (as Young Woman in Bar)
Douglas O'Keeffe (as Assassin - John Kerry)
Tony Nappo (as Luchessi)
Mary Moore (as Carla Town)
George R. Robertson (as Mack Falls)
Ho Chow (as Tepper)
James Millington (as Lt. Marty Dill)



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