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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


15 May 2002

2 hr 22 min

Adventure, Action, Science Fiction

A Jedi Shall Not Know Anger. Nor Hatred. Nor Love.
(22 Years Before Episode IV) Ten years after the events of the Battle of Naboo, the galaxy has undergone significant changes. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are assigned to protect Padmé from political separatists. As relationships form and powerful forces collide, these heroes face choices that will impact the destiny of the Republic.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 16 wins & 54 nominations.
Budget: $120M


George Lucas (Producer)
Rick McCallum (Producer)



Production Companies

20th Century Fox


Hayden Christensen (as Anakin Skywalker)
Ewan McGregor (as Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Natalie Portman (as Padmé Amidala)
Christopher Lee (as Count Dooku)
Samuel L. Jackson (as Mace Windu)
Frank Oz (as Yoda (voice))
Ian McDiarmid (as Chancellor Palpatine)
Pernilla August (as Shmi Skywalker)
Temuera Morrison (as Jango Fett · Clone Troopers)
Jimmy Smits (as Senator Bail Organa)
Jack Thompson (as Cliegg Lars)
Leeanna Walsman (as Zam Wesell)
Ahmed Best (as Jar Jar Binks · Achk Med-Beq (voice))
Rose Byrne (as Dormé)
Oliver Ford Davies (as Governor Sio Bibble)
Ron Falk (as Dexter Jettster (voice))
Jay Laga'aia (as Captain Typho)
Andrew Secombe (as Watto (voice))
Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO · Dannl Faytonni)
Silas Carson (as Viceroy Nute Gunray · Ki-Adi Mundi)
Ayesha Dharker (as Queen Jamillia)
Daniel Logan (as Boba Fett)
Joel Edgerton (as Owen Lars)
Bonnie Piesse (as Beru)
Anthony Phelan (as Lama Su (voice))
Rena Owen (as Taun We (voice))
Alethea McGrath (as Madame Jocasta Nu)
Susie Porter (as Hermione Bagwa · WA-7)
Matt Doran (as Elan Sleazebaggano)
Alan Ruscoe (as Gilramos Libkath)
Matt Sloan (as Plo Koon)
Veronica Segura (as Cordé)
David Bowers (as Mas Amedda)
Steve John Shepherd (as Naboo lieutenant)
Bodie Taylor (as Clone Trooper)
Matt Rowan (as Senator Orn Free Taa)
Steven Boyle (as Senator Ask Aak · Passel Argente)
Zachariah Jensen (as Kit Fisto)
Alex Knoll (as J.K. Burtola)
Phoebe Yiamkiati (as Mari Amithest)
Kenny Baker (as R2-D2)
Jerome Blake (as Oppo Rancisis)
Hassani Shapi (as Eeth Koth)
Gin Clarke (as Adi Gallia)
Khan Bonfils (as Saesee Tiin)
Michaela Cottrell (as Even Piell)
Dipika O'Neill Joti (as Depa Billaba)
Marton Csokas (as Poggle the Lesser (voice) (uncredited))



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