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Mr. & Mrs. Smith


7 Jun 2005

2 hr

Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Smart and sexy.
A bored married couple is surprised to learn that they are both assassins hired by competing agencies to kill each other.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Awards: 9 wins & 18 nominations.
Budget: $110M


Akiva Goldsman (Producer)
Arnon Milchan (Producer)
Eric McLeod (Producer)
Patrick Wachsberger (Producer)
Varina Bleil (Associate Producer)
Kim H. Winther (Co-Producer)
Erik Feig (Executive Producer)
Ellyn Exley (Associate Producer)
Giovanni Lovatelli (Line Producer)
Lucas Foster (Producer)




Angelina Jolie (as Jane Smith)
Brad Pitt (as John Smith)
Vince Vaughn (as Eddie)
Adam Brody (as Benjamin Danz)
Kerry Washington (as Jasmine)
Keith David (as Father)
Chris Weitz (as Martin Coleman)
Rachael Huntley (as Suzy Coleman)
Michelle Monaghan (as Gwen)
Stephanie March (as Julie - Associate #1)
Jennifer Morrison (as Jade - Associate #2)
Theresa Barrera (as Janet - Associate #3)
Perrey Reeves (as Jessie - Associate #4)
Melanie Tolbert (as Jamie - Associate #5)
Maree Cheatham (as Father's Secretary)
Elijah Alexander (as Marco Racin)
Sam Sabbah (as Bodyguard)
Sean Mahon (as Lucky)
Ron Bottitta (as P.J.)
Peter Lavin (as Leroy)
Greg Ellis (as Mickey)
Ravil Isyanov (as Curtis)
Miguel Angel Caballero (as Bellboy - Bogotá)
Victor A. Chapa (as Americana Hotel Manager)
Laine Collins (as Eddie's Waitress)
Chris Daniels (as Mailman Assassin)
Patrika Darbo (as 50's Woman)
Megan Gallagher (as 40's Woman)
Amy Hathaway (as Beauty)
Jennifer DeMille (as Breakfast Diner Waitress)
Kevin Makely (as Johnson)
Stephanie Ittleson (as Party Guest)
Michael-John Wolfe (as Bartender - Coleman House)
Bryan Anthony (as Dancer)
Melissa Hurley (as Dancer)
Carol Mack (as Dancer)
R.J. Durell (as Dancer)



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