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The Color of Money


7 Oct 1986

1 hr 59 min


The Hustler isn't what he used to be. But he has the next best thing. A kid who is.
Fast Eddie Felson teaches a cocky but immensely talented protégé the ropes of pool hustling, which in turn inspires him to make an unlikely comeback.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, Spanish
Awards: Won 1 Oscar. Another 4 wins & 6 nominations.
Budget: $14M


Barbara De Fina (Producer)
Irving Axelrad (Producer)




Paul Newman (as Fast Eddie Felson)
Tom Cruise (as Vincent Lauria)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (as Carmen)
Helen Shaver (as Janelle)
John Turturro (as Julian)
Bill Cobbs (as Orvis)
Robert Agins (as Earl at Chalkies)
Alvin Anastasia (as Kennedy)
Randall Arney (as Child World Customer #1)
Elizabeth Bracco (as Diane at Bar)
Vito D'Ambrosio (as Lou in Child World)
Ron Dean (as Guy in Crowd)
Lisa Dodson (as Child World Customer #2)
Donald A. Feeney (as Referee #1)
Paul Geier (as "Two Brothers · Stranger" Player)
Carey Goldenberg (as Congratulating Spectator)
Joe Guastaferro (as Chuck the Bartender)
Paul Herman (as Player in Casino Bar)
Mark Jarvis (as Guy at Janelle's)
Lawrence Linn (as Congratulating Spectator)
Keith McCready (as Grady Seasons)
Jimmy Mataya (as Julian's Friend in Green Room)
Grady Mathews (as Dud)
Carol Messing (as Casino Bar Band Singer · Julian's Flirt)
Steve Mizerak (as Duke)
Rick Mohr (as Congratulating Spectator)
Lloyd Moss (as Narrator - Resorts International)
Michael Nash (as Moselle's Opponent)
Mario Nieves (as Third Latin Guy)
Miguel Nino (as First Latin Guy)
Andy Nolfo (as Referee #2)
Ernest Perry Jr. (as Eye Doctor)
Jerry Piller (as Tom)
Iggy Pop (as Skinny Player on the Road)
Richard Price (as Guy Who Calls Dud)
Juan Ramírez (as Second Latin Guy)
Alex Ross (as Bartender Who Bets)
Peter Saxe (as Casino Bar Band Member)
Charles Scorsese (as High Roller #1)
Rodrick Selby (as Congratulating Spectator)
Christina Sigel (as Waitress)
Harold L. Simonsen (as Chief Justice Tournament)
Fred Squillo (as High Roller #2)
Brian Sunina (as Casino Bar Band Member)
Wanda Christine (as Casino Clerk)
Forest Whitaker (as Amos)
Jim Widlowski (as Casino Bar Band Member)
Bruce A. Young (as Moselle)
Zoë (as Dog Walkby)



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