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G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom

14 Sep 2004

1 hr 20 min

Animation, Family

G.I. Joe, perennial icon of American boyhood, gets a 21st-century update in a new CGI-animated children's series of thrilling military adventure. In this action-packed movie, as America's daring, highly trained special mission force, the G.I. Joe team faces its greatest threat yet from the evil Cobra Organization. Under the direction of Cobra Commander, DNA from the world's most ferocious animals


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Dale Carman




Lisa Ann Beley (as Scarlett (voice))
Parker Jay (as Snake Eyes (voice))
Brian Dobson (as Flint (voice))
Alistair Abell (as Ace (voice))
Doron Bell (as Tunnel Rat (voice))
Louis Chirillo (as Frostbite (voice))
Don S. Davis (as Wild Bill (voice))
Trevor Devall (as Wild Weasel (voice))
Michael Dobson (as Cobra Commander (voice))
Brian Drummond (as Slash · The President (voice))
Jim Foronda (as Dr. Mindbender (voice))
Phil Hayes (as General Hawk · Chief Torpedo · Wet Suit (voice))
Mark Hildreth (as Hi-Tech (voice))
Peter Kelamis (as Polly (voice))
Blu Mankuma (as Heavy Duty (voice))
Joseph May (as Link (voice))
Scott McNeil (as Destro · Gung Ho (voice))
Colin Murdock (as Overkill · Siberian Man (voice))
Kevan Ohtsji (as Kamakura · Slice (voice))
Ty Olsson (as Storm Shadow (voice))
Teryl Rothery (as Baronness (voice))
Frank Salazar (as Venomous Maximus (voice))
Venus Terzo (as Jinx (voice))
Lee Tockar (as Shipwreck · Beach Head · Ex-Eel (voice))
Andy Toth (as Dusty (voice))



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