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Ahí te encargo

2 Oct 2020

1 hr 51 min

Romance, Comedy, Drama

An ad creative and a successful exec have a great marriage — until he wants to be a dad just as her star is rising. Then he brings someone new home.


Status: Released
Also known as: You've Got This
Countries: Mexico, USA
Language: Spanish


Leonardo Zimbrón (Producer)
Juan Manuel Borbolla (Producer)
Monica Vargas Celis (Producer)
Darío Cicardi (Line Producer)
Ruiz de Velasco Gonzalo (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Traziende Films


Mauricio Ochmann
Esmeralda Pimentel
Tato Alexander
Moises Arizmendi
Krizia Bajos (as Jackie · Bety (voice))
Fernando Becerril
Kevin Bertram (as Mario)
Verónica Bravo
Mariana Cabrera
Jesse Corti (as Gonzalo (voice))
Robbie Daymond (as Rafa (voice))
Dorothy Elias-Fahn (as Charlie's Wife (voice))
Elisa Gabrielli (as Alejandro's Mom (voice))
Matteo Giannini
Todd Haberkorn (as Additional Voices (voice))
Erika Harlacher (as Sylvia (voice))
Juan Martín Jáuregui
Verónica Langer
Montserrat Marañon
Erica Mendez (as Karime (voice))
Regina Reynoso
Nicolas Roye (as Alejandro (voice))
Tiaré Scanda
Stephanie Sheh (as Additional Voices (voice))
Gregory Snegoff (as Guillermo (voice))
Christopher Swindle (as Charlie (voice))
Jeannie Tirado (as Ceci (voice))
Xander Mobus (as Mario (voice))



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