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The Devil All the Time


11 Sep 2020

2 hr 18 min

Crime, Drama, Thriller

Everyone ends up in the same damned place.
Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Max Born (Producer)
Jared Goldman (Executive Producer)
Randall Poster (Producer)
Marc A. Hammer (Executive Producer)
Riva Marker (Producer)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Producer)
Annie Marter (Executive Producer)




Tom Holland (as Arvin Russell)
Bill SkarsgÄrd (as Willard Russell)
Riley Keough (as Sandy Henderson)
Jason Clarke (as Carl Henderson)
Sebastian Stan (as Deputy Lee Bodecker)
Haley Bennett (as Charlotte Russell)
Harry Melling (as Roy Laferty)
Eliza Scanlen (as Lenora Laferty)
Mia Wasikowska (as Helen Hatton)
Robert Pattinson (as Reverend Preston Teagardin)
Douglas Hodge (as Leroy Brown)
Kristin Griffith (as Emma)
Pokey Lafarge (as Theodore)
Donald Ray Pollock (as Narrator (voice))
Michael Banks Repeta (as Arvin At 9)
Emilio Subercaseaux Campos (as Baby Arvin)
David Atkinson (as Earskell)
Matthew Vaughn (as Poacher #1)
Billy Joe Bradshaw (as Poacher #2)
Gregory Kelly (as BoBo McDaniels)
David Maldonado (as Henry Dunlap)
Mark Jeffrey Miller (as Hank)
Ryan Anthony Williams (as Marine #1)
Wes Robinson (as Bus Driver)
Todd Barnett (as Wooden Spoon Manager)
Michael Harding (as Reverend Albert Sykes)
Lucy Faust (as Cynthia Teagardin)
Abby Glover (as Pamela Sue Reaster)
Kelly Lind (as Church Member #1)
Cotton Yancey (as Church Member #2)
Adam Fristoe (as Priest)
Morganna Bridgers (as Florence)
Karson Kern (as Social Worker)
Ivan Hoey Jr. (as Orville Buckman)
Zack Shires (as Gene Dinwoodie)
Drew Starkey (as Tommy Matson)
Caleb J. Thaggard (as Butcher)
Ever Eloise Landrum (as Lenora At 7)
Given Sharp (as Susie Cox)
Cory Scott Allen (as Sheriff Thompson)
Emma Coulter (as Juanita)
Cody Jones (as Tecumseh Bouncer)
Madelyn Wall (as White Cow Waitress)
Jason Collett (as Gary Matthew Bryson)
Eric Mendenhall (as Deputy Howser)
Teddy Cole (as Hippie)
Michael H. Cole (as Doctor)
Cort Chandler (as Jim Lacey)
Bruce Cooper (as Jasper Taps)
Daniel James Vaughn (as Dispatcher)
Edward Hall (as Skinned Soldier)
Jeff McCarthy (as Evangelist)
Santino Fontana (as AM Radio DJ)
John Pue (as Newscaster)
Phillip DeVona (as Calvin Claytor (uncredited))
Kevin Waterman (as Arresting Police Officer (uncredited))
Sarah Hamff (as Beth Ann Reaster (uncredited))
Shannon Frye (as Alma Reaster (uncredited))
James H. Keating (as Meat Processor (uncredited))
Scott Rapp (as Teacher (uncredited))
Lawrence Hinkle (as Diner Patron (uncredited))
Kyle Sawyer (as Shop Patron (uncredited))
Emily Towles (as 1965 High School Student (uncredited))
Meagan Bown (as 1966 High School Student (uncredited))
Beth Scott (as 1945 Diner Patron (uncredited))
Kacey Hayes (as 1945 Diner Patron · Church Goer (uncredited))
Myles Phillips (as Church Goer (uncredited))
Rebecca Douglas (as Necking Girl (uncredited))
Leslie Sides (as Church Goer (uncredited))
Katie Flaherty (as 1965 Cheerleader (uncredited))
Matt Powell (as 1965 Vietnam Soldier (uncredited))
Morgan Monroe (as Diner Patron · Church Goer (uncredited))
Jeff McKinney (as Bull Pen Patron (uncredited))
Jason Charles Hill (as Local Pool Player (uncredited))
Andrew Young (as Cody Hamilton)



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