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Secret Society of Second Born Royals

25 Sep 2020

1 hr 37 min

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Born to defend. They just have to learn how.
Sam is a teenage royal rebel, second in line to the throne of the kingdom of Illyria. Just as her disinterest in the royal way of life is at an all-time high, she discovers she has super-human abilities and is invited to join a secret society of similar extraordinary second-born royals charged with keeping the world safe.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: English, German


Anna Mastro


Austin Winsberg (Executive Producer)
Andrew Green (Producer)
Juliana Janes (Producer)
Zanne Devine (Executive Producer)
Mike Karz (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Disney Channel


Peyton Elizabeth Lee (as Princess Sam)
Ashley Liao (as Princess Eleanor)
Isabella Blake-Thomas (as Princess January)
Olivia Deeble (as Princess Roxana)
Niles Fitch (as Prince Tuma)
Faly Rakotohavana (as Prince Matteo)
Elodie Yung (as Queen Catherine)
Skylar Astin (as Professor James Morrow)
Noah Lomax (as Mike)
Greg Bryk (as Inmate 34)
C.J. Dubé (as Prince Fabian)
Alli Chung (as Louise Bennett)
Kenny Wong (as Tour Guide)
Xavier Schoppel (as Society Guard)
Sukhman Gill (as Sikh Man Guest)
Jadiel Dowlin (as Prince Bryson)
Jas Dhanda (as Teacher)
Derry Robinson (as Santa Claus)
Julie Nolke (as English Lit Teacher)
Seth Mohan (as Economics Teacher)
Shiva Safari (as Doctor)
Aisha Evelyna (as Photographer)
Sierra Ashkewe (as Dignitary)
Crista Russo (as Bramblebone Singer)
Shawn Vincent (as Punk club member)
Chloe Avakian (as Teen Dishwasher)
Elika Tahary (as Bio Test Student)



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