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26 Jun 2020

1 hr 36 min

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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To gain more subscribers, a controversial vlogger stays at a cursed hotel with terrifying results.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Antoine Le


Steven Tobias (Consulting Producer)
William Garcia (Line Producer)
Anna McNiven (Associate Producer)
Chayce Lee (Associate Producer)
Matthew Brewbaker (Producer)
Antoine Le (Producer)
Todd Klick (Producer)
AJ Groy (Co-Producer)
Anthony J. Sands (Co-Producer)
Brandon Waites (Associate Producer)
Sian Seligman (Consulting Producer)
Todd Seligman (Consulting Producer)
Greg Berlanti (Executive Producer)



Production Companies

Viscape Arts


Blanca Blanco (as Nic's Step Mother)
John Savage (as Wallace)
Kelsey Griswold (as Jess)
Sam Valentine (as Danni)
Mark Oby Brown (as Cop)
Tim Drier (as Chris)
Kate Romero (as Nic's Mom · Mrs.Eply)
Brianna McClellan (as Halloween Girl)
Terumi Shimazu (as Meghan Kim's Mother)
Thaddeaus Ek (as Ghost Boy)
Matthew Solomon (as Mike)
Karan Sagoo (as Masked Evil Presence · unstable drug dealer)
Francheska Savage (as Security Guard)
Sarah Chang (as Meghan Kim)
Christopher Ross Martin (as Security Guard)
Ivo Buhles (as Tourist)
David Nesler (as Terrible Tyler)
Alexis Queen (as Party Goer)
Caitlin Grace (as Nic (as Caitlin Utting))
Rachel Razon (as Party Goer)
Santiago Postigo (as Maintenance Man)
Alex Robert Holmes (as Bloody Man · Young Ghost)



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