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Feel the Beat


19 Jun 2020

1 hr 47 min

Comedy, Music, Drama

Take your chance. Make your move.
After failing to make it on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and reluctantly begins training a misfit group of young dancers for a competition.


Status: Released
Countries: Canada, USA
Languages: English, Turkish


Elissa Down


Susan Cartsonis (Producer)
Aaron Barnett (Executive Producer)
Suzanne McNeill Farwell (Executive Producer)
Brent Emery (Executive Producer)
Clément Bauer (Associate Producer)
Sabina Olivia Lambert (Associate Producer)




Sofia Carson (as April)
Wolfgang Novogratz (as Nick)
Donna Lynne Champlin (as Barb)
Enrico Colantoni (as Frank)
Dennis Andres (as Coach Buzz)
Rex Lee (as Wellington 'Welly' Wong)
Brandon Kyle Goodman (as Deco)
Eva Hauge (as Sarah)
Lidya Jewett (as Kari)
Sadie Lapidus (as Oona)
Johanna Colón (as Lucia)
Shaylee Mansfield (as Zuzu)
Shiloh Nelson (as Ruby)
Justin Caruso Allan (as Dicky)
Carina Battrick (as Michelle)
Kai Zen (as June)
Marissa Jaret Winokur (as Herself)
Robinne Fanfair (as Patty)
Pamela MacDonald (as Ruth Zimmer)
Marcia Bennett (as Grandma)
Drew Davis (as R.J.)
Aniko Kaszas (as Nadya Khristorozhdestvenskaya)
Ken Pak (as Gordy)
Pat Thornton (as Tommy)
Merle Newell (as Cashier)
Jonathan Breedon (as Lucia's Dad)
Ali Badshah (as Royalton Dad #1)
Sonia Laplante (as Choreographer (Colette))
Dan Lett (as Burt Davenport (Announcer))
Shannon Currie (as Dance Mom)
Peter Schoelier (as Old Timer)
Jessica Horn (as Royalton Dance Teacher)
Moni Ogunsuyi (as Viral Video Dancer)



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