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The Last Days of American Crime

5 Jun 2020

2 hr 28 min

Action, Crime, Thriller

In the not-too-distant future, where as a final response to crime and terrorism, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal that will make it impossible for anyone to knowingly break the law.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Languages: Danish, Croatian, Polish, Russian


Jesse Berger (Producer)
Matlock Stone (Executive Producer)
Barry Levine (Producer)
Kevin Turen (Executive Producer)
Rick Remender (Executive Producer)
Jason Michael Berman (Producer)
Will Raynor (Co-Producer)
Darren Cameron (Line Producer)
Brent C. Johnson (Co-Producer)
Adam Friedlander (Producer)
Karl Gajdusek (Executive Producer)
Billy Hines (Co-Producer)
Michael Yedwab (Executive Producer)
Matt O'Toole (Executive Producer)


(Graphic Novel)
(Graphic Novel)


Édgar Ramírez (as Graham Bricke)
Michael Pitt (as Kevin Cash)
Anna Brewster (as Shelby Dupree)
Sharlto Copley (as William Sawyer)
Tamer Burjaq (as Ross King)
Neels Clasen (as Sidell Turner)
Tony Caprari (as Jim Schneider)
Kate Normington (as News Anchor 1)
Ian Bruce (as Specialist on TV)
Norman Anstey (as Collins)
Brandon Auret (as Lonnie French)
Daniel Fox (as Rory Bricke)
Sean Cameron Michael (as Pete Slatery)
Nathan Lynn (as Johnny Dee)
Craig Urbani (as Thick)
De Klerk Oelofse (as Thin)
Jonathan Pienaar (as Randy Hickey)
Kristen Raath (as Lesbian 1)
Shoko Yoshimura (as Lesbian 2)
Robert Hobbs (as Police Sergeant)
Inge Beckmann (as Carillo · Female Cop)
Clayton Boyd (as Tech Nerd)
DeVille Vannik (as Garage Guard)
Nhlakanipho Manqele (as Male Cop)
Candice Weber (as Female Tweeker)
Carel Nel (as Male Tweeker)
Kevin Otto (as Government Official)
Lionel Newton (as Jack Morgan)
Tanya van Graan (as Reporter 2)
Stephen Jennings (as Senator on TV)
Jay Anstey (as Female Terrified Officer)
Alonso Grandio (as Check Point Ranger)
James Richard Marshall (as Posner)
Terence Maynard (as Chucky)
Tiyler Kriel (as Avery Dupree)
Matt Newman (as News Anchor 2)
Bruce Winant (as Voice of News Anchor 2)
Leandie du Randt (as Connie Dumois)
Patrick Bergin (as Rossi Dumois)
Garth Collins (as 300LB Thug)
Grant Ross (as Reporter 1)
Ramey Short (as Law Enforcer 2)
Gerlu Van Der Merwe (as Security Tech)
Jonathan Boynton-Lee (as API Security Guard)
Vaughn Lucas (as Garbage Dock Guard)
Kabelo Bouga Chalatsane (as Gate Guard)
Johann Vermaak (as Carl Wrightson)
Michael Bierman (as Dump Truck Driver)
Sachi Fujii (as Female Junkie)



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