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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend


12 May 2020

1 hr 20 min


Kimmy's a famous author and she's about to marry a prince! But first she has to foil the Reverend's evil plot. It's your move: What should Kimmy do next?


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Kerry Orent (Line Producer)
Jeff Richmond (Executive Producer)
David Miner (Executive Producer)
Nick Bernardone (Co-Producer)
Tina Fey (Producer)
Sam Means (Executive Producer)
Meredith Scardino (Executive Producer)
Robert Carlock (Producer)
Emily Ashcraft (Associate Producer)



Production Companies

Universal Television


Ellie Kemper (as Kimmy Schmidt)
Jane Krakowski (as Jacqueline White)
Tituss Burgess (as Titus Andromedon)
Carol Kane (as Lillian Kaushtupper)
Jon Hamm (as Richard Wayne Gary Wayne)
Daniel Radcliffe (as Prince Frederick Windsor)
Lauren Adams (as Gretchen Chalker)
Sara Chase (as Cyndee Pokorny)
Sol Miranda (as Donna Maria Nuñez)
Amy Sedaris (as Mimi Kanassis)
Mike Carlsen (as Mikey Politano)
Dylan Gelula (as Xanthippe Voorhees)
Chris Parnell (as Junior)
Heidi Gardner (as Jenny)
Jack McBrayer (as Sandy Parcell)
Zak Orth (as Cody Santimonio)
Fred Armisen (as Robert Durst · Robertina Durst)
Johnny Knoxville (as C.J)
Tanner Flood (as Buckley Voorhees)
Patch Darragh (as Nick)
Chandler Rosenthal (as Maggie)
Anthony R. Mottola (as Darren)
Michael Spedden (as Bartender)
Jamar Greene (as Guard)
Negin Farsad (as Designer)
Blaise Corrigan (as Toothless Redneck (uncredited))
Connor Ratliff (as Crew Guy)
Josh Groban (as Himself)
Charlotte McKinney (as Herself)
Bowen Yang (as Kim Jong-un)
Mike Britt (as Mr. Bankston)
Niceto Darcey Festin (as George Georgiulio)
Stephanie D'Abruzzo (as Jan the Backpack)
Bill Barretta (as Mr. Frumpus)
Andrew Briedis (as Dev)
Elise Mestichelli (as C.H.E.R.Y. · L.)
Chris Northrop (as Meth-Head Charlie)
Cassie Carlock (as Bob Snarklewick)
Molly Lloyd (as Wedding Guest)
Gene Presendieu Jr. (as Mamadou)
Seth Kirschner (as Shawn)
Brian Corrigan (as Old Man)
Paul Lazar (as Drunk)
Schecter Lee (as Korean Man)



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