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The Main Event

10 Apr 2020

1 hr 42 min

Family, Comedy

Big Dreams Need A Little Magic
After discovering a magical mask, an 11-year-old aspiring wrestler enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar by using special powers from a magical mask.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Ian Hay (Producer)
Maggie Malina (Executive Producer)
Richard Lowell (Producer)
Susan Levison (Executive Producer)
Ralph E. Portillo (Co-Producer)
Jamie Elliott (Co-Producer)


(Screenplay · Story)

Production Companies

WWE Studios


Seth Carr (as Leo Thompson)
Tichina Arnold (as Denise Thompson)
Adam Pally (as Steve Thompson)
Ken Marino (as Frankie)
Mike Mizanin (as The Miz)
Momona Tamada (as Erica)
Keith Lee (as Smooth Operator)
Babatunde Ɓukasz Aiyegbusi (as Samson)
Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah (as Kofi Kingston)
Stephen Farrelly (as Sheamus)
Matt Polinsky (as Corey Graves)
Lucie Guest (as Ms. Cartwright)
Lisa Durupt
Donna Benedicto (as Announcer)
Paul Lazenby (as Lord Copperhead)
Bodhi Sabongui (as Luke)
Dallas Dupree Young (as Mason)
Ian Hawes (as WWE Fan)
Glen Gordon (as Caleb)
Josh Zaharia (as Trevor)
Chris Furci (as Robber)
Nevin Burkholder (as Barbarian Wrestler)
Arkie Kandola (as Director)
Aryan Simhadri (as Riyaz)
Amy Ambrosio (as Reporter #1)
Elizabeth Copeland (as Beth Phoenix)



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