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I Still Believe


12 Mar 2020

1 hr 55 min

Drama, Music

One love can change your life.
The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Andrew Erwin (Producer)
D. Scott Lumpkin (Executive Producer)
Kevin Downes (Producer)



Production Companies

Kevin Downes Productions


K.J. Apa (as Jeremy Camp)
Britt Robertson (as Melissa Henning)
Nathan Parsons (as Jean-Luc Lajoie)
Gary Sinise (as Tom Camp)
Shania Twain (as Terry Camp)
Reuben Dodd (as Josh Camp)
Nicolas Bechtel (as Jared)
Melissa Roxburgh (as Heather Henning)
Terry Serpico (as Mark)
Tanya Christiansen (as Janette Henning)
Cameron Arnett (as Dr. Furst)
Abigail Cowen (as Adrienne Liesching)
Rushi Birudala (as Raj)
Anjelah N. Johnson (as Professor Rochester)
Mike McGill (as Engineer)
Sahjanan Nasser (as Maria)
Alex Taylor (as DJ #1)
Alyssa Gonzalez (as Orientation Guide)
Griffin Hood (as Guard)
Edward Rashad Smith (as Tattooed Guard)
Katie Anne Moy (as Jacqueline)
Steven Laney (as Guitarist)
Ed Litton (as Dean of Students)
Sharonne Lanier (as Nurse)
SheƩ Dueitt (as Discharge Nurse)
Tyler Galpin (as Random Guy)
Taylor Scott (as DJ #2)
Kevin Avery (as DJ #3)
Rhonda Huete (as Frazzled Receptionist)
Marshall Meeker (as Yves Lajoie)
Timothy James Adkison (as Pete Nelson)
Ian Rupp (as The Kry Bandmate)
Joe Grove (as Adrienne's Bandmate #1)
Roy Durand (as Adrienne's Bandmate #2)
Ben Cook (as Adrienne's Bandmate #3)



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