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La Fille au bracelet

12 Feb 2020

1 hr 35 min

Drama, Crime

Lise (16 years old) is accused of murdering her best friend. As the trial starts, her parents stand right by her side. But once her secret life is revealed in court, the truth becomes indistinguishable.


Status: Released
Also known as: The Girl with a Bracelet
Countries: Belgium, France
Language: French


Amélie Jacquis (Executive Producer)
Cassandre Warnauts (Co-Producer)
Jean-Yves Roubin (Co-Producer)
Jean des Forêts (Producer)


(Original Film Writer)
(Original Film Writer)


Melissa Guers (as Lise)
Chiara Mastroianni (as Céline)
Anaïs Demoustier (as L'Avocat Général)
Roschdy Zem (as Bruno)
Annie Mercier (as L'Avocate de Lise)
Pascal Garbarini (as Le président du tribunal)
Carlo Ferrante (as Avocat des parties civiles)
Victoria Jadot (as Noémie)
Paul Aïssaoui-Cuvelier (as Jules)
Anne Paulicevich (as La mère de Flora)
Mikaël Halimi (as Nathan)
Léo Moreau (as Diego)
Jean-Louis Dupont (as Grand-père de Flora)



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