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Like a Boss


9 Jan 2020

1 hr 23 min


The world of beauty is about to get ugly.
Two female friends with very different ideals decide to start a beauty company together. One is more practical, while the other wants to earn her fortune and live a lavish lifestyle.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $29M


Miguel Arteta


Peter Principato (Producer)
Marc D. Evans (Producer)
Joel Zadak (Producer)
Nicolas Stern (Executive Producer)
Itay Reiss (Producer)
Tiffany Haddish (Executive Producer)


(Screenplay · Writer)
(Screenplay · Writer)

Production Companies

Artists First


Tiffany Haddish (as Mia Carter)
Rose Byrne (as Mel Paige)
Salma Hayek (as Claire Luna)
Karan Soni (as Josh Tinker)
Jacob Latimore (as Harry)
Billy Porter (as Barrett)
Jimmy O. Yang (as Ron)
Ryan Hansen (as Greg)
Jennifer Coolidge (as Sydney)
Jessica St. Clair (as Kim)
Natasha Rothwell (as Jill)
Ari Graynor (as Angela)
Lisa Kudrow (as Shay Whitmore)
Caroline Arapoglou (as Brook)
Brittany Guess (as Ellie)
Melissa Saint-Amand (as Jess)
Emma Coulter (as Postmates Delivery Person)
Katie Parker (as Receptionist)
Veronica Merrell (as Zaylee)
Vanessa Merrell (as Lux)
Destiny Adams (as Best Friend)
Kaleb Lankford (as Waiter)
Catherine Carlen (as Aunt Margo)
Anna Grace Davidson (as Teen Tess)
Charles Howard Dillard (as Charlie)
Aaron Dominguez (as Justin)
Dominique Gardner (as Best Friend)
Chelsea Hayes (as Security Guard)
Stanley Aughtry (as Security Guard)
Darlene Chikezie (as Best Friend)
Bisola Salimonu (as Best Friend)
Adam Cole-Kelly (as Bartender)
Dana Counce (as Sue)
Debra Johnston (as Aunt Margo's Best Friend)
Kai Clark (as Ryder)
Elicia Monroe (as DJ Stormy)
India Batson (as Emily)
JoAnn Bernat (as Limo Driver)
Marcus LaRon (as First Security Guard · Marcus)
Colby Lopez
Mackenzie Messick (as Mackenzie)
Lana Young (as Shay Whittmore)
Melissa Kennemore (as Birthday Girl (uncredited))
Sheril Rodgers (as Claire Luna Office Core (uncredited))



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