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6 Dec 2019

1 hr 39 min

Science Fiction, Action, Crime, Thriller

Fear is the most dangerous power
In a world where 4% of the population is born with varying supernatural abilities, a desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a series of crimes. Based on the short film.


Status: Released
Countries: Canada, United Kingdom, USA
Language: English


Michael Davison (Associate Producer)
Sascha Penn (Executive Producer)
Jasmin Morrison (Associate Producer)
Lee Kim (Executive Producer)
Wayne Marc Godfrey (Executive Producer)
Mary Anne Waterhouse (Executive Producer)
Peter Huang (Co-Producer)
Chris Pare (Executive Producer)
Jay Douglas (Co-Executive Producer)
Eric Diep (Executive Producer)
Tiamat Ownby Fox (Associate Producer)
Ramon Palermo (Associate Producer)
Priscilla Galvez (Associate Producer)
Lainie Guidry (Executive Producer)
Cynthia Guidry (Executive Producer)
Omar Spahi (Executive Producer)
Jeff Chan (Producer)
Robert Jones (Executive Producer)
Sung Kang (Executive Producer)
Robbie Amell (Executive Producer)
Stephen Amell (Executive Producer)
William Chang (Executive Producer)




Stephen Amell (as Garrett)
Robbie Amell (as Connor Reed)
Kari Matchett (as Mary Reed)
Penny Eizenga (as Receptionist)
Lawrence Bayne (as Big Joe)
Jai Jai Jones (as Travis)
Alex Mallari Jr. (as Rainer)
Shaun Benson (as Dixon)
Sung Kang (as Park)
Aaron Abrams (as Davis)
Martin Roach (as Captain Milltown)
Nneka Elliott (as Reporter)
Matthew Gouevia (as Dave - Grocery Store Manager)
Kevin Claydon (as Truck Passenger)
Laysla De Oliveira (as Maddy)
Vlad Alexis (as Freddie)
Ho Chow (as Security Guard)
Simon Northwood (as Rhino)
Peter Outerbridge (as Wesley Cumbo)
Sarah Hoedlmoser (as Copperhead)
Greg Bryk (as Marcus Sutcliffe)
Kyla Kane (as Nia)
Karissa Strain (as Stripper)
Max Laferriere (as Mikey)
Merwin Mondesir (as Jules)
Casey Hudecki (as Emily)
Darrin Baker (as Doctor)
JaNae Armogan (as Nurse)
Jeff Sinasac (as Officer Kuwabara)
John MacDonald (as ATV Driver)
Chris Handfield (as Officer MacAuley)
Natalie Lisinska (as Olivia)
Emma Ho (as Lina)
Herschel Andoh (as Nia's Dad)
Oscar A. Gonzalez (as Strip Club Patron)
Charile Riina (as Dancer)
Nichole Arya Lentz (as Dancer)
Christine Pagulayan (as Field Reporter)
Dane Bingenheimer (as Superhero Protestor)
Michelle Doiron (as Dancer)
Josh Aguirre (as Protester (uncredited))
Derek Barnes (as Pyro Man (uncredited))
Glenda Braganza (as Police Detective (uncredited))
Nick Ford (as Protester (uncredited))
Michelle Hill (as Protester (uncredited))
Lisa Hinds (as Protester (uncredited))
Eldon Hunter (as Police Officer · Civilian (uncredited))
Elena Khan (as Protester (uncredited))
Attila Sebesy (as Cook at diner (uncredited))
Joe Vercillo (as SWAT Officer (uncredited))
Michelle Cormier (as Dancer (uncredited))



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