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The Knight Before Christmas

21 Nov 2019

1 hr 32 min

Romance, Comedy

A modern day romance with a medieval twist
A movie about a medieval English knight who is magically transported to present day where he ends up falling for a high school science teacher.


Status: Released
Country: USA
Language: English


Kieran Corrigan (Co-Producer)
Amanda Phillips Atkins (Executive Producer)
Mark Amato (Consulting Producer)
David Joseph Anselmo (Executive Producer)
Eric Jarboe (Executive Producer)
Brad Krevoy (Producer)
Jimmy Townsend (Executive Producer)
Vince Balzano (Consulting Producer)
Vanessa Hudgens (Producer)
Lorenzo Nardini (Executive Producer)




Vanessa Hudgens (as Brooke)
Josh Whitehouse (as Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons of Norwich)
Emmanuelle Chriqui (as Madison)
Harry Jarvis (as Sir Geoffrey)
Ella Kenion (as Old Crone)
Isabelle Franca (as Claire)
Mimi Gianopulos (as Alyson)
Jean-Michel Le Gal (as David)
Arnold Pinnock (as Officer Stevens)
Scott Ryan Yamamura (as Evan)
Jayne Eastwood (as Eileen)
Shanice Johnson (as Paige)
Scott Edgecombe (as Santa Claus)
Kristin Shepherd (as Mrs Claus)
Neil Babcock (as James - Brooke's Ex)
Olivia Gudaniec (as Kaelynn - James' Girlfriend)
Alex Armbruster (as Young Husband at Tree Farm)
Brittany Rae Robinson (as Young Wife at Tree Farm)
Andrea Senior (as Christmas Caroler #2)
Hayley Festeryga (as Teenage Girl)
Jacob Soley (as Patrick (uncredited))
Kat Graham (as Abby Sutton)
Quincy Brown (as Josh Barton)
Rob Lowe (as Derek)
Kristin Davis (as Kate)



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