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8 Nov 2019

1 hr 36 min

Animation, Family, Adventure, Comedy

Welcome to the jingle
A postman is posted to a frozen town in the North - where he discovers Santa Claus is hiding out.


Status: Released
Country: Spain
Language: English


Mercedes Gamero (Producer)
Mikel Lejarza (Producer)
Micah Dahlberg (Producer)
Eamonn Butler (Executive Producer)
Tanguy Olivier (Producer)
Warren Franklin (Executive Producer)
Gustavo Ferrada (Producer)
Jinko Gotoh (Executive Producer)
Sergio Pablos (Producer)
Marisa Román (Producer)



Production Companies

The SPA Studios


Jason Schwartzman (as Jesper (voice))
J.K. Simmons (as Klaus (voice))
Rashida Jones (as Alva (voice))
Joan Cusack (as Mrs. Krum (voice))
Norm Macdonald (as Mogens (voice))
Will Sasso (as Mr. Ellingboe (voice))
Sergio Pablos (as Pumpkin · Olaf (voice))
Mila Brener (as Ellingboe Girl 3 (voice))
Neda Margrethe Labba (as Margu (voice))
Sydney Brower (as Ellingboe Girl (voice))
Teddy Blum (as Small Ellingboe Boy (voice))
Julian Zane (as Krum Boy (voice))
Emma Shannon (as Creepy girl 1 (voice))
Kendall Joy Hall (as Annelise (voice))
Sky Alexis (as Ellingboe Girl 2 (voice))
Tucker Meek (as Ellingboe Boy · Krum Boy (voice))
Amanda Philipson (as Ellingboe Councilwoman (voice))
Finn Carr (as Ellingboe Boy 1 (voice))
Lucian Perez (as Krum Boy · Creepy Boy 2 (voice))
Emma Yarovinsky (as Little Krum Girl (voice))
Jaeden Bettencourt (as Krum Boy · Jesper Son (voice))
Hailey Hermida (as Krum Girl 1 (voice))
Evan Agos (as Ellingboe Boy (voice))
Leo Miller (as Ellinboe Boy 5 (voice))
Bailey Rae Fenderson (as Creepy Girl 2 (voice))
Ayden Soria (as Creepy Boy 1 (voice))
Reiulf Aleksandersen (as Adult Saami (voice))



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